KONY 2012: Where are we now?

Were you one of the 100 million people who watched the KONY 2012 video? Have you at least heard of it? Sure you did! It has almost been 3 years since the release of the video; but have you ever wondered what happened since then? Did you ever ask yourself where did the donated money go? I decided to look for everything that happened since “the Invisible Children became visible.”


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#PADAMALGAM: Islamophobia or just mockeries?

Three years since Mohamed Merah’s attacks in Toulouse. A month since Charlie Hebdo’s attacks in Paris. A week since the attacks in Copenhagen. The authors of these attacks were all Muslim and medias have been walking on eggshells. Journalists are trying really hard not to mix the terrorists’ religion and their acts. They really are trying hard, but I guess too hard and the only thing they received from that was mockery. #PADAMALGAM was born.


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Happy Anniversary YouTube©!

YouTube is 10. 10 years old since it was created by three PayPal employees. 10 years to reach one billion users each month. 10 years to become the third most consulted website after Google and Facebook. We would then come back on the videos that made YouTube’s history.

So, here we go with the different types of videos that made YouTube: from the usual music videos, as well as cats or babies videos, but also more serious videos, concerning politics, tutorials. All of that without forgetting the impossible to miss: YouTube ads.Here are the 10 types of videos on YouTube:


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