Moving abroad? Everything you weren’t told

Moving abroad is a very big step for anyone who decided to take the risk; and if you ask anyone about it, they will tell you that it’s a life changing experience and that there is no turning back.


1. Objective N°1: don’t lose your passport

As you move abroad, you will become more mature, especially if you are still in your 20s. You won’t change overnight, but slowly, through the days, you will realise that you learned to manage on your own. It can be with little everyday life tasks but that seems like a huge deal when abroad; but it can also be with filling all the foreign papers, medical information etc… All that you will become able to do it.

2. 3 Steps towards adaptation
Even if at first you might be super excited or completely freaked out, when you arrive there you most likely feel kind of a hole inside you. You won’t disembark from the plane and immediately feel at home; you will feel lost and homesick at first. Don’t worry, it’s normal it’s the first step that all of us go through initially. Then you will realise that everything is different and you will find yourself comparing everything you are experiencing, food, people, way of life etc. to yourimages home country and you might even find yourself wondering if everything back “home” wasn’t better. And finally you will reach the last step: you will adapt yourself, you will try new things, you will accept the fact that it is different and you will even enjoy this difference.

You might never get the hold of every idiom of the language, or every part of the culture; but I promise you it’s ok. No one is expecting you to completely forget your own culture; on the contrary, you will not lose your identity, you just won’t just have one culture anymore; you will have part of two cultures; and it makes you unique.

Ps: I will never forget my confusion when I was asked, “do you want beef?”, and believe that had nothing to do with the meat.

3.“Far from eyes but close from the heart” will never be truer.

Sometimes you will feel completely alone, and it can either be at random times, but it is also most likely to hit you at important dates. You will miss birthday parties, nights out, shopping days and all kinds of events with your family and friends; and they probably won’t be there for your birthday or for important events: and it will only end up making you miss home more than everything.

But by being away you will also realise how much you love your family and friends, and you might even become closer to them even if you don’t see them everyday. It is not really the “where” that counts it’s more the “how” and “when”, even if it’s just a 5 minutes Skype, or text messages of things you know they would appreciate: all of that counts.

4. There are ups and downs in every ride, so just enjoy it.
When I’m talking about my experience abroad, most people thinks it’s easy and that everything is perfect, and I’m not saying it’s not; but life, where ever you are, is not perfect, it’s not just pink, and unicorn and happy. Sometimes it’s bad, sometimes it’s hard. I won’t lienjoy-the-ridee to you, some days you’ll only want to crawl under your sheets simply wishing to go back. But next to these moments there are more amazing ones waiting for you.

With time, you will soon realise that wherever you are, you miss the other place. You will become used to feeling kind of nostalgic a bit everyday but it is totally worth it to experience it and to accept it. It can even bring you some good stuff, I promise. Don’t believe me? Here is an example: because you might be nostalgic about both places you will find a way to appreciate both at its fullest and you will make the most of all of it.

So I guess, there is only one thing to say about that situation: enjoy the ride, even if some times are harder than others!

5. The family that you choose.
friends_are_the_family_we_choose_for_ourselves-4508Moving abroad also often means moving away from your loved-ones, and even if you know that nothing will replace them; it is also true that you will meet a great number of people. But more than just meeting people or making a new circle of friends, you will recreate a “family” for yourself, in your new country. You will become really close with some people really quickly and they will soon enough become an important part of your life.


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