General Election 2015: the struggle of modern politics

While I do not know much about politics, I know that today is a really important day for the future of the UK. Today, May 7th, is the day when the future of the country is in the hand of all English citizens. Every single one of them.


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When social medias restore faith in humanity: #WearYellowForSeth

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, YouTube, Snapchat, Pinterest… If you are reading this, I can bet that you have at least one of the above. Indeed, it is no secret that social medias have never been so popular and important in our society.

Personal life, entertainment, but also business and marketing, anything can be found or done on these networks; and sometimes it can bring the worst of the humankind. Fortunately for us, on some bright days, social medias also bring the best in each of us, and restore our faith in humanity.

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KONY 2012: Where are we now?

Were you one of the 100 million people who watched the KONY 2012 video? Have you at least heard of it? Sure you did! It has almost been 3 years since the release of the video; but have you ever wondered what happened since then? Did you ever ask yourself where did the donated money go? I decided to look for everything that happened since “the Invisible Children became visible.”


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