A New Health Point for Hillingdon’s 2017 Heart Month

A new health point has opened in Uxbridge library this weekend as part of the Heart Month, an annual national awareness campaign.

Launched on Saturday 4th of February, this new service proposes free drop-in health check to Hillingdon residents aged between 40 and 74, along with young people between the age of 17 and 24.

The health point will be supervised by Brunel Pharmacy and will be offering services such as advice from a pharmacist, check up of symptoms and follow up information after diagnosis. The council also explained that this clinic would mainly focus on topics such as blood pressure, cholesterol tests, sexual health and smoking.

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End stereotypes, these are not real life

As a French, I was told that I should like wine, snails and frogs. I am sorry to disappoint you, but I have to tell you: I don’t like any of those foods. This is only a stereotype, and you might be surprise by the number of people who do not actually correspond to them. At all. And if this stereotype is pretty amusing, some are much more offensive and disrespectful to some people.

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