IMBUE: A bold project that has every key to succeed

IMBUE is a series of visual art which combines nude photography and body paint in the goal to reach a pure illustration of the phrase “photography is an art”.

MBUE (Nude + Body Paint)

Chris Rathore

Chris Rathore

This album saw the light thanks to Chris Rathore, a young artist and business student of Brunel University. The 19-year-old young man started this journey in 2012, when he first downloaded the famous application Instagram. He used his phone for over 2 years to capture landscapes, but it was only last year that he decided to purchase a camera and photography became a serious hobby.

A hobby that he learned all by himself, through YouTube videos and articles on Photoshop, and then it was only practice to achieve the same effects as the ones his mentors use in their own work.

As of now he has around 77 000 views on his website, 5 000 followers on Instagram, 3 000 others on Facebook and almost 800 posts on Instagram. However he only needed two ingredients for his series to be successful, and he explained both of these choices.

10931069_824063717636079_7363160805099160706_n*Firstly you might wonder why he chose nudity as a subject for photography? It is a choice to avoid the distraction caused by clothes; he added, “You don’t have to worry about what they are wearing or how it looks, imagine the same person with clothes on, it might look good but the connection will be different. That’s why I chose it: to have a deeper connection with the audience”

*Then, you might ask yourself why he painted this naked body with body paint? For Chris, the first thing that art evokes to his mind is painting: “I have been painting since my childhood, (…) so I thought why not combine both and make the best of the things I know most”.


Shoot: Tranquil Lynx

If you like these photos, you’ll be pleased to learn that two other albums will be shot to complete this series. The second album will feature a female model, continuing on the idea of nudes with body paint but also adding water to the photography. The last one will reunite the two models of the previous albums, combining this time, nudity, body paint, water and smoke. All of these components will be put together to reach one goal: demonstrating the chemistry between two people and he also said, “I want people to feel how artistic things can be with something as simple as a nude body.

10005948_678860792156373_1684349062_oChris, also leader of the Brunel Photography Club, has already some plans for the future, such as doing a master degree or going back to India, his country of origin. Even if it doesn’t include photography for now, he claims that he will stay open about photography as a profession.

Watch the video of the last shooting IMBUE:

To find more information on Chris Rathore:
– his facebook page:
– his website : 


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