End stereotypes, these are not real life

As a French, I was told that I should like wine, snails and frogs. I am sorry to disappoint you, but I have to tell you: I don’t like any of those foods. This is only a stereotype, and you might be surprise by the number of people who do not actually correspond to them. At all. And if this stereotype is pretty amusing, some are much more offensive and disrespectful to some people.


We do not do much to stop the stereotypes that concern us, we just live with them; but one senior at York College of Pennsylvania decided to raise her voice to the stereotypes against her fraternity. Kayleigh Dumas is a member of Sigma Delta Tau, encouraging the empowerment of women.

Greek societies are often subject of numerous unfounded stereotypes, and Hollywood movies do not really help with their wrong representations of sororities. Members of a Greek society are believe to join for the social life and the partying, that it only consists on binge drinking every night. Members themselves are said to be the typical rich and popular kids from high school, centred on them and nothing else.

As a response to all those stereotypes, Kayleigh Dumas designed a photography project called #WeAreNotOurStereotypes. It consists on a series of black and white photography with the stereotypes on the left, and the actual fact on the right.


The project’s reception by the public has been various, with encouragement, hope and inspiration on one side, but also mockeries on the other side, but in both cases, this is a bold task and those pictures are inspiring in my opinion.

Despite the fact that I understand that it is not a major problem as stereotypes against Black people or Muslim can be, it is still a problem for them, and what is most important to remember is that they actually stood up fr themselves and tried to change the minds.

Here are some other pictures:

10920908_10153800208602388_8060700223809884411_n 10410568_10153800209032388_9019782582498761199_n 11219063_10153800209042388_6562937108896915695_n 11233531_10153800209437388_8418634109025513571_n 11210415_10153800209282388_6672883404080518518_n

You can find more pictures here: https://www.facebook.com/kayleigh.dumas/media_set?set=a.10153800208497388.1073741842.657832387&type=1


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