Met Gala 2015 – We have seen everything

As the summer season begins, elite celebrities around the world will not hesitate a second to show their top designer dresses at some of the most elitist events of the world; while we sit in front of our screens, admiring, judging, and dreaming.


 This year’s season was opened up with the annual fundraising event, the Met Ball, which gathered together actors and actresses along with singers, models and all kind of celebrities. “China: through the looking glass” as watchword, all guests played the game and dressed up for the occasion, resulting in all kind of ensembles. From the very top outfits, to the biggest flop.

So here we go with a sample of the dresses at this Met Gala 2015:

* Fei Fei Sun, her Michael Kors dress and her flawless make up, makes it easy to understand why she was the number one reference for glamour on that night.


*Amal and George Clooney’s elegance shined on the Red Carpet as the couple climbed the stairs hand in hand.


*If there is one dress that no one is going to forget, it is Rihanna’s with her yellow long train coat by Guo Pei. Some will love it, some will hate it, but either way the memes posted online by numbers of people on social media are hilarious.


*She will not be forgotten either, but not for the same reason: Sarah Jessica Parker and her flame-like headpiece also received its share of memes by Twitter Users.

NEW YORK, NY - MAY 04:  Sarah Jessica Parker attends the

*Anne Hathaway and her Ralph Lauren golden robe. There is nothing to add; her outfit is a true success, with its own touch of mystery.


*For the most original dress, only one name: Zendaya. The young actress, singer and dancer wore a masterpiece by Fausto Pualisi and a sun inspired tiara; the result? A flawless outfit


*Jennifer Lawrence looked truly stunning in this Christian Dior dress and a discrete but classy make up. A very simple outfit, but it did not take any of the sexiness away.


*Black and white dress by Alexander Wang on Taraji P. Henson looks incredibly elegant and sophisticated, so I’m going to say that it’s simply a success.


*Black, shiny, backless: I guess Chrissy Teigen found the perfect mix to have a simple, yet extremely tasteful dress with this creation by St John.


* Concerning transparent dress, Beyoncé did not miss the occasion with her see through gown by Givenchy. Her dress has been the centre of discussion on social media, but we have to admit that no one else could wear it that well.


I could probably go on and on about incredible dresses, but I am going to control myself, and show you two of the biggest flop from the Met Gala:

*FKA Twigs’ choice of dress is… certainly unusual for the least. This Christopher Kane design features cartoon naked bodies, and apparently even a cartoon penis. Simply an unexplainable choice.


*Cholë Sevigny’s dress is probably one of the most original dresses I have ever seen, but I am not actually sure that it is such a good thing. I guess it is in the theme of China, but it is a real flop.


A special thank you to Clementine, for helping me do this ranking!


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