Open Australia 2015: 4 players, 2 finals, 1 same goal

At the approach of this year’s Australian Open finals four players were able to make their way to the top. One more step is standing between them and the top: their final play in the tournament.

 On this occasion, I decided to present to you the four tennis men and women who are all going to compete for one aim: obtain the much-wanted title.

Novak Djokovic and Andy Murray

Novak Djokovic and Andy Murray

Maria Sharapova and Serena Williams

Maria Sharapova and Serena Williams

                                                                                                                                                                                                         Both men’s and women’s single final will take place this week end, first with the women’s on Saturday (31/01) around 7:30pm and ending with the men’s single final on Sunday evening (01/02).

 Women’s single final:

This women’s single final will pit the Russian Maria Sharapova against the American Serena Williams. This match can promise an impressive fight, which will oppose the World two best players.

*Serena Williams: The 33 year old American, pro since 1995, will compete this final in the purpose to obtain her sixth title in this tournament. The current World No. l-americaine-serena-williams-remporte-le-match-de-l-open_10851831 never lost any of the final she played in Melbourne and is believed to be the favourite in this final. Indeed she defeated her opponent 15 times since 2004 without losing any of her games.

Williams has already spent 222 weeks with the title of World No. 1, and whatever happens tonight, she is assured to keep her title. Despite that, she is still hoping to get her 19th major trophy. This victory would mean overcoming Martina Navratilova and getting closer to Steffi Graf and her 22 major trophies.

*Maria Sharapova: The 27 year old Russian, pro since 2001, indeed will fight to try and get her second title in this tournament. The young woman is currently ranked as the World No. 2 but the game against Williams is going to be bitter: in 18 matches against her, she got the upper hand only during 2 of them.

The 27-year-old Russian, pro since 2001 and ranked No. 2, will fight tonight to get her second title of the Australian Open, after her first victory in this tournament in 2008. Since this victory she won 2 others mTENNIS-AUS-OPENajor Trophy (Roland Garros in 2012 and 2014) and took part in 3 finals (Wimbledon 2011, Australian Open 2012 and Roland Garros 2013)

She knows the statistics of her opponent, but she said “my confidence is at its highest. Whoever I will be facing and these terrible defeats (against Serena Williams): I will do everything I can to get this title.” And it is true that since 4 matches, she has been making a strong impression by winning against the Canadian Eugenie Bouchard and against her compatriot Ekaterina Makarova in Semi Final.

Men’s single final:

This men’s single final will pit the British Andy Murray against the Serbian Novak Djokovic. The two 27-year-old players have known each other since they were 12, and this will be their third meeting in Melbourne, after the final of 2011 and 2013, both won by the Serbian.

*Andy Murray: The 27 year old Scottish player, currently ranked as the World No. 6, will be aiming for his first title in the Australian Open.Andy-Murray-victory-2015_3256119

After a victory in 4 sets in semi final against Tomas Berdych, with a pretty aggressive game, Murray accessed the final. It will be his first one in Melbourne since 2013; final he lost against Djokovic, whom he is going to face again tomorrow. However, compared to the three finals he played in the Australian tournament, this one seems to be the one were he has the most chances

*Novak Djokovic: The 27-year-old Serbian player, World No. 1, will be fighting for a fifth title in this tournament and an eighth major title. His reputation following him makes TENNIS-AUS-OPENhim the favourite of this final; indeed, he never lost a final he took part in, here, in Melbourne.

The Serbian fought during 3 hours and a half before defeating the Swiss Stan Wawrinka in five sets. This victory opened the doors of the final battle to the World No. 1, but according to experts, his title doesn’t assure him to finish on top of this tournament. Indeed, they say that it will be an interesting match between the best player in the world and the British who “is playing better tennis than anyone in the tournament, with well-timed aggression, focus and solid defense.” (The Guardian)


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